7 Figure Seller Japan Mastermind - Live in
Tokyo, Japan

Apr 4-5, 2023

In this 2 day in-person event, you will learn exactly how you can sell an additional $300-600k per year in Amazon Japan


Pre-Event Pricing Expires 2/21/23 - Save $200

Did you know that Japan is the 4th largest Amazon Marketplace in the world?  

But virtually nobody is talking about selling in Japan!

In fact I see more podcasts devoted to selling in the UAE, Canada, and even relatively tiny marketplaces in comparison like the Netherlands and Poland than Japan!

In fact, compared to other countries, Japan has the 8th (EIGHTH) most sellers according to a recent study by Stastica. 

This means that there is a huge opportunity!

Here are the Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Start Selling in Japan N-O-W

1. Japan is the 4th biggest Amazon marketplace in the world. Here are some additional facts about Japan

    a. 3rd largest GDP in the world

    b. Population of 126 million (2021) which is DOUBLE the population of the UK

    c. Amazon.co.jp is the #1 ecommerce site in Japan with revenue of US$13 billion in 2021

    d. Ecommerce penetration rate of 74% – 93 million online shoppers in Japan

    e. Ecommerce is forecast to grow at a yearly rate of 6% in Japan

2. For the same amount of effort you apply to sell in the UK or Germany you will make a LOT MORE MONEY in Japan. In Europe VAT, regulations, and        packaging requirements are a nightmare.

    In Japan, taxes are lower (if you have to pay any at all), there are fewer regulations, and packaging requirements.  

    If you know how to sell in Japan and have the right partners in place, the effort will be lower and the ROI will be higher selling in Japan than in most              other countries.   

     In one case study Nick Katz helped a client who previously sold in Amazon.com (US) to enter the Amazon Japan marketplace.  They were able to                   generate sales of 86,003,496 yen or $647,251 in the past 14 months (from 0 to 21,455 units sold).

If you are already selling in the Amazon US/EU marketplaces you may have an advantage selling in Japan using your products. If you position and market your products the right way, you can also sell an additional mid-6 figures of USD revenue per year. 


3. There’s far less competition, unsophisticated, weaker competition in Amazon Japan. 

    In terms of absolute numbers, Japan has far fewer sellers than other major marketplaces.

    Moreover the competition is a lot less sophisticated in Japan than other countries.  For example some US sellers don’t even bother to translate their                listings from English to Japanese.  They even entered ENglish into the description and in the backend.  They’re doing NOTHING to win over the Japanese      customer so the bar is set really low in Japan when you have these lazy competitors.

    Moreover, granted there are Chinese sellers in Japan but many of them are not spending time to localize their listings.  The listings clearly were targeted      at the US and they are just “throwing things on Japan”.  

    The Japanese translations are very crude, not localized to the local audience, and they usually turn away savvy Japanese customers.  

 4. You need way fewer reviews to compete in Japan

    If you have a listing with 1,000, 500 or even 100 reviews in the US and you sell in Japan, you will probably have 10x the reviews of everybody else.  

    You can bring those reviews to Japan and start right away and have more reviews than all the other sellers combined.  

    In other words you can virtually start at the top without any sales history in Japan.  

    You will have a head start against competitors from Day 1 if you have existing listings on Amazon US or EU. 

    This means higher conversions and lower PPC costs

 5. Lower PPC costs.

    If you have at least a few hundred reviews in the US, you can leverage that into lower PPC costs, even with zero sales history.   In some cases, we are          talking an average CPC as low as $0.29 per click!

 6. You don’t need to know Japanese to sell in Japan – Seller Central is in English and you can hire Japanese support (VAs) to reply to customer questions.  

 7. Lower shipping cost and faster shipping time from China factory back to Japan. It takes 30-45 days from Shanghai to to Los Angeles while it takes only 7-10 days from Shanghai to Tokyo. 

 8. You don’t need to register a company in Japan or be based in Japan to sell in Japan. 

You do need a Japanese importer of record to legally import into Japan. 

You also need to make sure your products are compliant to Japanese laws and regulations.  We will teach you how to do this at the Japan Mastermind.

 9. You don’t need VAT or GST registration in Japan.  The local equivalent is the Consumption Tax (CT) but you don’t need that until you hit roughly 1 million Yen in sales per year ($7,300 USD).

Tax rates will be much lower in Japan than other foreign marketplaces

 10. There are unique marketing channels in Japan that you can use to build an audience and make a lot of sales at low cost.  
    Line is an example.  7 Figure Sellers in Japan are building audiences of thousands of users on Line, who are super engaged when you need to ask for            reviews, offer coupon codes to boost sales, or even to collect feedback when developing a new product.


But many people are INTIMIDATED by Japan

In a recent poll of over 140 Amazon sellers one of the biggest challenges keeping them from selling into Japan is the language barrier. Japanese characters with their circles, squares and characters look totally foreign to the English speaking world. 

Listing translations, dealing with seller central, and the language is not easy to learn – believe me… I’ve been trying for several years!

The second biggest challenge reported by these sellers is a “total ignorance of the marketplace”.  

Not understanding what is involved, not being familiar with laws and regulations, food import requirements and compliance,  importing issues and warehousing, not knowing tax implications for a US LLC selling in Japan, you name it.  

Beyond that there are the cultural barriers as well.  Japanese culture is totally different from Western culture.

People don’t shake hands but they bow. They don’t use a fork and knive but use chopsticks.  

And they eat sushi with their hands!?  

They slurp ramen noodles loudly but are not allowed to stick chopsticks in their rice!?

They even have super weird Japanese cosplay costumes where guys and girls dress up in comic book character costumes.

Doing business in Japan can be intimidating.

The Japanese consumers’ wants and desires can be very different from western consumers.  They may be more detail-oriented and quality-oriented.  

And their lifestyles and homes are different.  Patio furniture that fits large American homes won’t work in a tiny Tokyo apartment.

During the pandemic, my family and I lived for 2 and a half years in Okinawa Japan.  Over time I discovered the opportunity in selling on Amazon Japan.  Living in a rural village I was able to order anything from diapers to the latest compact projector and projector screen for our family movie nights at home.  

And I started to sell in Japan to test the waters.  I picked a product that had an opportunity in Japan and was not yet saturated (unlike in the US).  

I was able to get traction quickly and quickly sold out of the first order in a matter of a couple months!  

I realized that Amazon Japan is one of the biggest blue oceans in the Amazon marketplace in the world.  

Blue Ocean – “a new market with little competition or barriers standing in the way of innovators”

While everyone is fighting over the English speaking markets, there is a golden opportunity in Japan

  • Japan is the world’s 3rd largest economy
  • Population: 126 million 
  • In 2022, nearly 70% of the Japanese consumers shopped online in the past month, only 8% indicated that they never shopped online. (GlobalData’s 2022 Financial Services Consumer Survey)
  • Amazon is the #1 online marketplace in Japan
  • Far LESS COMPETITION – most of your competitors are not in Japan (yet)
  • PPC costs are WAY LOWER
  • Amazon FBA works quickly in Japan 

So while your competitors are fighting each other in the other “red oceans” around the world, you can come in and potentially dominate this “Blue Ocean” in Japan if you know how to do it.

This means:

  • Less competition and Less sophisticated sellers competing against you 
  • Lower PPC costs
  • Easier to grow sales and make more money than UK and Germany
  • Easier to build an audience
  • Easier to dominate the market
  • Easier to scale the business

So now is the time to enter Amazon Japan.

A lot of people don’t know how to start selling into Japan. They think that you have to be fluent in Japanese.

They think you need to register a company in Japan. Or register VAT or EORI.  

That simply is not true.  

So to help sellers enter the Japanese Amazon market and to DEBUNK those myths about Japan

I decided to create the FIRST EVER Amazon Seller Conference in Tokyo, Japan to help you learn how to crush it in this blue ocean market.

I created this event to help sellers accelerate their selling into Japan.  I knew that since I didn’t speak the language and I could sell into Japan you could do it too. 


But I didn’t do this alone.  In fact I had a mastermind of other sellers selling in Japan to guide me through the journey to sell into Japan. 


From product selection, to importing into Japan legally, to product compliance, to optimziing PPC in Japanese, to growing the business.


And I will share this mastermind with you for the first ever at the…


Live in Tokyo, Japan


4-5 April 2023

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7 Figure Seller Amazon Japan Mastermind LIVE in Tokyo on Apr 4-5, 2023

In this 2 day in-person event, you will learn exactly how you can sell an additional $300-600k per year in Amazon Japan



In this two day mastermind limited to 100 motivated sellers, you will learn:



The complete turnkey solution to sell into Amazon Japan



Launch strategies that are unique to Japan (throw out your US/EU launch playbook)



External marketing strategies native to Japan (beyond PPC)



Make all the connections you need to sell into Amazon Japan – importer of record, warehousing, accountants, trademark agencies, translators and more



The A to Z of How to sell into Amazon Japan even if you don’t speak any Japanese

The most common mistakes sellers make when selling into Japan (Japan is not US or EU)



The exact requirements for your product to be imported into the countries



This is the best time of year to visit Japan and you will be a short flight away from Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, India, Thailand, and other Asian countries to take advantage of trade show season in April.

You will

  • Enjoy Peak Cherry Blossom “Sakura” season in Japan

  • Visit April Trade shows in Hong Kong, China, or Vietnam afterwards

  • Visit suppliers in Vietnam, India, and China (as of now, signs are pointing to China reopening in 2023)

  • Or take an extended trip in Japan

Even if right now you know nothing about selling in Japan, you will have everything you need to sell in Japan at the Amazon Japan Mastermind.

And you will have the right connections.

You will be able to execute and sell into Japan in weeks.

And you will meet real sellers and mastermind with them to grow your business to the next level.

If you have any questions at all, we will answer all your questions and we will leave no stone unturned.

4-5 April 2023


Amazon and Ecommerce sellers that want to sell into Amazon Japan (the 4th largest Amazon marketplace in the world - that nobody is talking about)

So we're going to offer you everything they need to successfully sell in Amazon Japan.



This will be a unique speaker lineup (Not the same speakers you see at every conference).

I’ve spent months handpicking the right sellers and Japan ecommerce experts that will guide you as you enter the Japan marketplace.

You will learn from:

  • 7 and 8 Figure sellers and brand owners selling in Amazon Japan to share their best practices, launch strategies, and marketing secrets featuring Nick Katz, and more to come

  • Importers of records so you can legally import product into Japan (you cannot import directly as a US LLC)

  • Compliance and lab testing experts so your products will pass all Japan regulations and not get held up at Customs and costing you tons of money in fines and wasted time

  • Local Japan Warehousing and 3PLs to store your inventory affordable and quickly delvier them into the Amazon FBA warehouses

  • Freight forwarders specializing in Japan to get your products quickly and affordably into Japan from China, India, Vietnam, etc.

  • Japan PPC Experts Featuring Ritu Java and more

  • Japan Accountants to answer your questions about Consumption Tax (CT), fees, etc.

  • Inspection agencies

  • Japan translation and localization experts to make your listing resonate with the Japanese consumer and not look like it was done with Google Translate

  • More to come

DAY 1 - 4.4.2023

The Roadmap to selling $965,263 in Amazon Japan

Guest Speaker


10 Secrets to Success learned from 10 Years Selling on Amazon Japan

Bernie Thompson

Founder of Plugable Technologies and Co-founder of PPC Ninja

How to import successfully to sell on Amazon Japan

Eliezer Barshap

 CEO of A Better Communication Co, Ltd.(ABC)

Top 10 Tactics to Succeed with SEO and PPC on Amazon Japan

Ritu Java

Co-founder of PPC Ninja

How to Boost Amazon Profits and Minimize Fees

Rob Stanley


Dealing with Amazon Japan Roadmap, importing, Amazon Japan PPC, and increasing profitability.

Mastermind 1

7 Figure Seller Japan Mastermind

DAY 2 - 4.5.2023

How to make your product Japan ready?

Nick Katz

The Japan Guy

Brand Protection Strategy and Resolution of Amazon Japan Suspensions

Chris McCabe

Owner and Founder of ecommerceChris

Compliance and Custom Clearance issues and why this is critical

Yunige - Sumire Shimomura

Head Compliance Specialist for Yunige’s US region

The benefits of global expansion

Airwallex - Cainen Gerety

Account Executive at Airwallex

Amazon Ads – Best practices for increase brand discoverability in the Japan

Jeff Cohen

Amazon Tech Evangelist | Amazon Ads | Keynote Speaker

Panel discussion and Q&A

Nate Shurilla

Head of APAC at Pacvue

An explanation of the key differences and important considerations in the Japanese Amazon strategy compared to the United States

Kengo Tanaka

CEO and Founder of GROOVE Inc.

Shipping, 3PLs, Supply Chain Optimization, Amazon Ads and Branding, Japan Amazon listing localization and translations, Amazon Japan product selection.

Mastermind 2

7 Figure Seller Japan Mastermind



Expected turnout: Limited to 100 sellers

Location: Tokyo, Japan - Easy to fly into and transit to other parts of Asia

Venue: TKP -Tamachi Conference Center






APR 3, 2023

Pre-event registration and networking, evening mixer

APR 4, 2023

Daytime: Amazon Japan Selling A to Z - coffee, lunch, coffee break, and talks

Evening: VIP Japan experience - Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Bento dinner and drinks and networking with sellers, sponsors, and speakers under Cherry Blossom trees in a renowned Tokyo Park

APR 5, 2023

Mastermind workshops, Breakfast, lunch, and coffee



7 Figure Seller Japan Mastermind - Tokyo, 2 days (Apr 4-5 2023)

SAVE $200



EXPIRES Feb 21, 2023 at 11:59pm PST

  • Over a dozen masterclass on how to sell on Amazon Japan
  • Pre-event / izakaya for 3 hours. Dinner and free-flowing drinks at $200 value depending on how much you drink.
  • You will have 2 light breakfast and coffee sessions.
  • 2 networking coffee breakout sessions with dedicated topic breakout areas.
  • 2 Japanese bento box lunches at $60 value.
  • Cherry blossom networking event in major Tokyo park (Hanami) food and beverages included. (Value is priceless, its a once in a lifetime opportunity)
  • 2 mastermind sessions with 7 and 8 figure sellers in Japan Amazon experts


This event will be IN-PERSON.

No, Japan offers visa free access to citizens from 68 countries according to Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Check here for details.

No.  The costs to sell and ship products into Japan will be about the same as selling in other marketplaces around the world.

The shipping costs could be lower and the speed faster if you are sourcing your products from China or Asian countries. 

Japan is a lot closer to these manufacturing regions and you can get them there in weeks rather than months.

This allows you to turn over your inventory faster to save you time and money and free up your cash flow from having to order months and months of inventory than if you were shipping products to the US or EU from Asia.

Moreover, the Japanese Yen is at a 30-year low against the US Dollar.  This means that things in Japan will feel cheaper than before.

Couple that with the fact that Japan has been in a long period of stagnation and prices have not risen significantly. 

This means that Japan may not be as “expensive” to do business in as you think!  In fact for some people it may be a bargain especially if you can add an additional $300-500k to your revenue!

  1. International flights  are high right now.  You may want to use credit card miles or points to redeem a ticket and save thousands of dollars on the flight.
  2. Hotels range $150-200 per night – Our event will be held in Tokyo and we will have discounted prices.
  3. Light breakfast, Lunch, and coffee will be provided
  4. Meals can be very affordable or extravagant in Japan. 
  6.  But at the end of the day, what is $4-5k compared to an additional $400k to $500k you could make selling in Amazon Japan?

It would be best to book no later than morning of April 3rd so you can attend the Izakaya at night time. Check out on April 6th unless you have other plans to extend and tour around Tokyo.

We recommend The Celestine Hotel as its walking distance from the venue. You may reserve using this link to get discounted rates – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf42GnJV7aTI2vrWCVYrqqdblp_HQWnkfJpiJVDgN8VyW2E8Q/viewform



Gary Huang founded and hosted the inaugural 7 Figure Seller Summit in 2018 where over 2,800 people attended online to learn how to create a million-dollar e-commerce business.

Moreover Gary is a veteran e-commerce entrepreneur selling physical products on Amazon, eBay, Shopify, as well as his own websites since 2004. Gary owns a number of private-label brands.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Gary has been based in Japan since 2020 and previously was in Shanghai since 2008. He has worked with hundreds of Chinese suppliers, having managed multimillion dollar sourcing campaigns for clients in the US and Brazil.

Gary has been featured in Jungle’s Scout’s Million Dollar Case Study, Webretailer.com, and spoken at the Global Sources Summit in Hong Kong, as well as being quoted by NPR and Bloomberg.

He also served as the Chair of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai’s Supply Chain Committee.

Gary is a husband and father.

Voted favourite Amazon conference 2020 and 2021​​

This is the first EVER Amazon conference in Japan!



We would like to thank our sponsors for helping make this event happen



Getida – A Global Leader in FBA Auditing & Reimbursement




(EN) TKP - Tamachi Conference Center

(JP) TKP -田町コンファレンスセンター


(EN) 5 Chome−29−14 Shiba, Minato City, 〒108-0014 Tokyo, Japan

(JP) 日本, 〒108-0014 東京, 港区, Shiba, 5 クロム−29−14

7 Figure Seller Japan Mastermind - Live in Okinawa, Japan